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The Status of the US Dollar »

US Dollar as the Global Currency The status of the US Dollar is being openly challenged. The US Dollar share of Global Currency Reserves dropped noticeably. Its use as a Global Trading Currency has also being eroded. The US Dollar’s days as the key Global Currency could be numbered. The US Dollar share of Global Currency Reserves

Low Confidence in the US Dollar »

The Dollar Drops Forex Traders and Trading Partners of the USA are losing their confidence in the US Dollar. This was expressed in the Forex Market last week. The bearish trend of the US Dollar was intact. The US Dollar continued to be traded at its lowest with the majors and in some cases it was at its lowest since October, 2008. The US

Brazil and China not using the US Dollar »

A No to US Dollar With the Global Financial Crisis and the recession both starting from the United States, we are looking at the possibility of the loss of confidence in the Financial System of America and the Dollar in particular. It is clearly seen in the case of the possible realization of trading transactions between China and Brazil. The