May, 2010

Automated Forex Trading Robots »

Automated Forex Trading Robots

Automated Forex Trading Robots are also known as Expert Advisors that runs on your home computer. They are fully automatic trading tools. An Automated Forex Trading Robot executes trades on your trading account, sending them through to the trading server. All trades are done automatically and do not require human intervention. The usage of

GBPUSD Trade Balance Trading Signals »

GBPUSD Trade Balance Trading Signals

There are three important Forex News that will be announced today that will closely watched by traders. These are: 1. The Jobless Claim Change in the United Kingdom 2. The Unemployment Rate in the United Kingdom 3. The Trade Balance in the United States Jobless Claim Jobless Claim is the number of people who are unemployed

BOE Interest Rate »

BOE Interest Rate The BOE decision on Interest Rate will be announced today. Interest Rate has a very high impact on the financial market. It will determine the short term borrowing rate which in turn will affect the interest rates for loans and the exchange rate of the Pound. It is a mechanism used by Central Banks and in case the BOE to

Forex Cash Rocket Robot »

Forex Cash Rocket Robot

The Automated Forex Trading Robot There are hundreds of Automated Forex Trading Robots in the market and one of the latest Robot that joined the fraternity is the Forex Cash Rocket. The Forex Cash Rocket is considered the most advanced Forex Trading Robot available to the public. It’s special because it’s designed from the ground-up to