The Undetectable Automated Forex Trading Robot

The Unique Automated Forex Trading Robot
One of the unique feature of this Automated Forex Trading Robot is the invisible feature. When installed on the Forex Trading Platform, it is undetectable by Forex Brokers Surveillance System.

Forex MegaDroid is Undetectable by Forex Brokers
Forex Brokers do not like to lose money and if they spot a really profitable robot being deployed by a lot of Forex Traders then they’ll do what’s within their power to stop it from hurting their bottom line.

    Forex Brokers normally will locate Trading Accounts with Automated Forex Trading Robots at different servers, the ECN Servers.
    ECN environments use DAB instead of Spread; DAB refers to the difference between the best ASK and the best Offer (BID), otherwise also known as spread. In the case of ECN servers, DAB is variable and not fixed.
    During times of high volatility, such as on the announcement of high impact fundamental news, the variable DAB or spread could be as high as 20 - 25 pips.
    At ECN Servers, during times of high volatility Limit Orders or Take Profits, even if set at best Bid or Ask levels, might not get executed because the market has already moved.
    With high spreads the Automated Forex Trading Robot may not be able to execute trade satisfactorily.
    Forex Brokers will find excuses to close your Trading Account.

    Forex Brokers may even corrupt your Robot.

Unlike other Automated Forex Trading Robots, Forex MegaDroid is the only Forex Robot that has an in-built mechanism that allows it to be literally undetectable by Forex Brokers.

As it is undetectable by Forex Brokers Surveillance System, Forex Brokers wouldn’t realize that you are trading with an Automated Forex Trading Robot System. As such, Forex Brokers will not touch your Trading Account.

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