Online Forex Trading Brokers

Online Forex Trading Brokers

Online Forex Trading Brokers are fighting for their survival during this recession. There are too many odds against them and so they have to innovative to be ahead of the others in the field in order to survive.

The income of Forex Brokers is from the spread they charge Forex Traders. This income may not be sufficient for their high overhead costs even during the economic boom days and now with the recession it could be worst.

It is known that Forex Brokers do not like Forex Traders to make money. Because when Forex Traders make money, Forex Brokers is the one that will lose money.

In order to stay afloat, most Online Forex Trading Brokers will then trade to make extra money and at the same time they employ dealers to ensure that Forex Traders don’t make too much money.

New Online Trading Accounts Campaign

Online Forex Trading Brokers require a continuous flow of new clients in order to survive. This is because there is normally a very high turnover of trading accounts.

In order to get new clients Forex Brokers have to spend a lot of money on advertising campaigns and other promotional gimmicks. One of the most common gimmicks is to offer conditional Bonus to new trading accounts. The other method is to appoint new Introducing Brokers and Affiliates to get new trading accounts.

Costs Reduction Exercise

All Online Forex Trading Brokers are cost conscious. They have to keep their overhead costs as low as possible.

At the time of the recession staff retrenchment is one of the exercises conducted to reduce costs. The other simple exercise is the termination of Introducing Brokers.

Introducing Brokers can easily be terminated. There is no requirement of payment of compensation and the Online Forex Trading Brokers can continue to harvest the labor of the terminated Introducing Brokers.

Online Forex Trading Brokers

It is a common knowledge that Online Forex Trading Brokers have bagfuls of tricks at their disposal and the more common tricks they apply are:

    1. Price Shading and Stop Loss Tripping are the two commonly methods used by Forex Brokers to make extra money.

    2. The other method is to execute orders at a higher or lower than the quoted price for those Forex Traders who open their positions on Instant Execution. This is commonly practiced when the market is volatile.

    3. Appointment of Introducing Brokers, sacking them and then appoint new Introducing Brokers. Normally. This is one of the costs reduction methods applied by unethical Online Forex Trading Brokers.

    Newly appointed Introducing Brokers normally will very work hard to achieve their set targets with the hope that they can earn handsomely thereafter. But they are sacked just before achieving their target or one or two months after enjoying the benefits of their hard work.

    The Online Forex Trading Brokers will continue trading with the Forex Traders introduced by the Introducing Brokers without having to share the spread they charge.

    4. Short changing of Affiliates is the other trick used by some Online Forex Trading Brokers. The Affiliate links are hijacked or altered.

So it is advisable for Forex Traders to choose the Online Forex Trading Brokers wisely. It is safe if you are not gullible and not easily enticed by the attractive campaigns by the unscrupulous or unethical Online Forex Trading Brokers.

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    Good article my friend.

    It is hard to find out who is an honest forex broker and who is not.

    Plus when you are online and try to find a forex broker then you really gotto be careful.


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  11. andy@forex trading robots (1 comments.) says:

    Alot of valid points have been brought to light in this article. It is very important whether manual trading or with a robot, to choose not only a reputable broker but also one with tight spreads, but be aware that the spreads can change outside normal trading hours. Also it may be wise to consider the location of the broker in order to control the spread to tighter levels during the periods you wish to trade,

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  12. andy@forex trading online (1 comments.) says:

    A decent broker is one element that you must have to trade successfully, one must also have some trading knowledge and also a good solid strategy that they will trade with. Formulating a trading plan before you start trading will define the rules how you will trade and also keeping a trading journal will ensure you monitor your trades in order to verify your strategy or system.
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    The hardest part of trading forex successfully can be selecting a reputable broker. Many people decry the regulations that the US government places on brokers that are based there, but my opinion is that if you choose to go with an unregulated broker you are asking to have your money taken. Better to deal with the restrictions of government regulation and know that if there’s a problem you have someone you can appeal to to solve it. Trading with an unregulated broker is like playing football without referees. It can’t possibly be fair, and there’s very little chance that you can win.

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    I would love to get into forex, how much should one start with?

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    well this guide is really helpful for tradind purpose and in online trading i think there must be proper knowledge in doing this so i hope this make any difference. nice post and informative too

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    Nothing like having the deck stacked stacked against you, eh? As forex traders, we are in competition with big bucks traders, countries even. On top of that, our forex brokers are probably motivated to manipulate trades for their own gain, at our expense. This foreign currency exchange business sure has a lot of challenges.

  24. forexwatch says:

    A very interesting view of Forex Trading. We have no choice but to follow the Elephants. As far as countries are concerned, there are countries that manipulates their currency to stay afloat.


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