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US GDP: The Unreliable Forex News »

The US GDP The US GDP is a gauge of the overall output of goods and services of the U.S. economy. It is the most comprehensive overall measure of economic output and provides key insight as to the driving forces of the economy. If the figure increases, then the economy is improving, and thus the dollar tends to strengthen. If the number falls

Weakening of the US Dollar »

Weakening of the US Dollar Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke in the congressional testimony announced its plan to print money to buy Treasuries and mortgage bonds. The announcement sparked a worldwide concern. In the Global context, the Dollar will lose its demand. At the domestic front, such an action will accelerate inflation.

The Dollar Pound Yen »

The US Dollar and the Japanese Yen headed for the biggest weekly declines against the euro since May as U.S. housing starts rose and companies reported earnings that topped analysts’ estimates, boosting demand for higher-yielding assets. The market is indecisive and lack of conviction as you have two distinct camps of bulls and bears