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There are hundreds of Auto Forex Trading Robots in the market and the Robots are getting comparatively cheaper and more affordable. Some are programmed to trade with any account size and thus become more attractive to the novice traders.

The cheapest Auto Forex Trading Robot in the market is the IvyBot. It is the cheapest because it is sold as a package of four Robots. Each and every one Robot is programmed specially to trade specific currency pair.

Four Auto Forex Trading Robots
Unique to Ivybot is the fact that the system is actually four Robots, sold in one package. With every purchase of Ivybot, the customer receives a Robot for each of the four currency pairs. This can be appealing from a marketing standpoint as the customer is receiving four Robots for the price of one. The reason for such a structure is that each Robot is completely dedicated and optimized to its own currency pair, improving trading and profitability.

The IvyBot Video

Unique Accuracy
The actual IvyBot system is a unique algorithm developed exclusively by the IvyBot team. The algorithm uses a special combination of the following variables:

    Trend Analysis
    Weighted Price Action
    Technical Price Patterns
    Market Liquidity
    Forward Projection Scanning

This combination of parameters is fed into a structured IvyBot equation that allows the system to predict the futures with accuracy of 98%.

Any Account Size
Ivybot can trade with any account size, from $ 50.00 onwards.

Easy and Fast Installation
This Auto Forex Trading Robot is programmed with a novice user in mind and the intention of getting them up and running in as little time as possible.

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