Megadroid-Automated Forex Robot Undetectable after 585 Days

Performance of the Automated Forex Trading Robot After 585 Days

The upgraded Forex Megadroid was launched on the 1st. January, 2009. Since the launch, this Automated Forex Trading Robot has increased the initial deposit gains from 340.33% to 3,134.88%.

The performance of the Automated Forex Trading Robot, the Forex MegaDroid as on August 9th. 2010 is as follows:

    No Losing Trade Since 1st. January 2009!
    The Net Profit is 3,134.88% for the last 585 days
    Forex Megadroid broke the 1,000% net profit barrier for 2009

The Unique Automated Forex Trading System

One of the unique feature of this Automated Forex Trading Robot is the invisible feature. When installed on the Forex Trading Platform, it is undetectable by Forex Brokers Surveillance System. The vendor of the system has put up a money back guarantee on the invisibility of the Robot.

Forex Megadroid is Invisible to Forex Brokers

Forex Brokers do not like to lose money and if they spot a really profitable robot being deployed by a lot of Forex Traders then they’ll do what’s within their power to stop it from hurting their bottom line.

    Forex Brokers normally will locate Trading Accounts with Automated Trading Robots at different servers. The spread at this server varies considerably with news. It may be as high as 20 pips.

    Forex Brokers will find excuses to close your Trading Account.

    Some Forex Brokers may even corrupt your Automated Trading Robots.

Unlike other Automated Forex Trading Robots, Forex Megadroid is the only Forex Robot that has an in-built mechanism that allows it to be literally undetectable by Forex Brokers.

It is undetectable by Forex Brokers Surveillance System. They simply can’t detect that you are trading with an Automated Forex Trading Robot System. As such, Forex Brokers simply let you trade normally.

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