Interest Rate Cuts

The Interest Rate Cuts will be used as a weapon in combating the recession and inflation. The Fed in US, the BOE and the ECB will reduce their Interest Rates in facing the Global Financial Crisis.

The Fed lowered its target Interest Rate to between zero and 0.25 % last month and pledged to keep the Interest Rate as low as possible.

European Central Bank will cut interest rates to 1.50 % by June, and refrain from reducing borrowing costs beyond that. The Fed lowered its target rate between zero and 0.25 percent last month and pledged to keep the rate low.

The Bank of England will lower its benchmark rate by half a percentage point to an all-time low 1.5 % when it announces a policy decision today according to a Bloomberg survey.

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4 Responses to “Interest Rate Cuts”

  1. sherin (3 comments.) says:

    Interest rate cut is a good weapon but not intend to combat recession but shielding against more bad happens. This is to flush more money to market to take temporary arrangements. Nice post. Keep it up

  2. Sharaaz (3 comments.) says:

    I think i slighlty agree with sherin.

    They need to sort this emss out , its affectine me and my friends.

    Come on ppl do something out there !

  3. Charlie (1 comments.) says:

    Ugh, I liked!

    Thank you

  4. James(new comment) says:

    It was fine that they decided to lower interest rates to help battle the recession since this is a tried and tested tool of the past. The problem seems to be that the governments are also deciding to print money. Now to me this just spells disaster and we may see a zimbabwe style hyper inflation. (OK a bit of an exageration but as we can see from the news inflation is already on the increase.)

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