Cheaper Pound Ahead

Quantitative Easing Program

Discussions of extending the quantitative-easing program beyond the 150 billion pounds is going on. It is a sterling negative action if you view that printing money is a way of cheapening the currency.

A cheaper Pound could be the way to stimulate the economy and spurs economic recovery.

The probability that they will extend the program is reasonably significant

Jeremy Stretch, a senior strategist at Rabobank International in London.

The British Chambers of Commerce, a business lobbying group, is whispering for the Central Bank, the BOE to extend its quantitative-easing program to the full 150 billion pounds ($243 billion) package and further suggests that the BOE should spend more by designing a second package. They are in the opinion that spending more money under the quantitative-easing program will help the economic recovery.

Cheaper Pound

A cheaper Pound will be known soon as BOE policy makers will meet on July 9.

Cheap Dollar too

The US is not sitting back. They are thinking of a cheaper Dollar as well by continuing their money printing program.

The U.S. should consider drafting a second stimulus package focusing on infrastructure projects because the first plan was a bit too small.

Laura Tyson, an economic adviser to President Barack Obama.

Meanwhile, Forex Traders are waiting to digest incoming economic reports to gauge the prospects for an economic rebound.

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