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US GDP: The Unreliable Forex News »

The US GDP The US GDP is a gauge of the overall output of goods and services of the U.S. economy. It is the most comprehensive overall measure of economic output and provides key insight as to the driving forces of the economy. If the figure increases, then the economy is improving, and thus the dollar tends to strengthen. If the number falls

Weakening of the US Dollar »

Weakening of the US Dollar Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke in the congressional testimony announced its plan to print money to buy Treasuries and mortgage bonds. The announcement sparked a worldwide concern. In the Global context, the Dollar will lose its demand. At the domestic front, such an action will accelerate inflation.

The Dollar Pound Yen »

The US Dollar and the Japanese Yen headed for the biggest weekly declines against the euro since May as U.S. housing starts rose and companies reported earnings that topped analysts’ estimates, boosting demand for higher-yielding assets. The market is indecisive and lack of conviction as you have two distinct camps of bulls and bears

Cheaper Pound Ahead »

Quantitative Easing Program Discussions of extending the quantitative-easing program beyond the 150 billion pounds is going on. It is a sterling negative action if you view that printing money is a way of cheapening the currency. A cheaper Pound could be the way to stimulate the economy and spurs economic recovery. The probability

US Dollar Collapse »

US Dollar Dived The confidence on the US Dollar, the US Banking System and its Monetary Policy is eroding. This was earlier expressed in Low Confidence in the US Dollar and Brazil and China not using the US Dollar . Now, another member of the Group of 20, Russia is shouting about a new global currency to replace the US Dollar. In the Forex

Low Confidence in the US Dollar »

The Dollar Drops Forex Traders and Trading Partners of the USA are losing their confidence in the US Dollar. This was expressed in the Forex Market last week. The bearish trend of the US Dollar was intact. The US Dollar continued to be traded at its lowest with the majors and in some cases it was at its lowest since October, 2008. The US

Brazil and China not using the US Dollar »

A No to US Dollar With the Global Financial Crisis and the recession both starting from the United States, we are looking at the possibility of the loss of confidence in the Financial System of America and the Dollar in particular. It is clearly seen in the case of the possible realization of trading transactions between China and Brazil. The

The Dollar Decline with the Non Farm Payroll for April »

The Non Farm Payroll The April Non Farm Payroll reported a loss of 539k jobs compared revised 699k job loss in March. Forecasts expected a loss of about 600k to 610k jobs. The Unemployment Rate But the Unemployment Rate for April was not at all a surprise. As expected the unemployment in the US is still on the raise. The Unemployment Rate

Euro Bounced with Interest Rate Cut »

ECB Interest Rate Bounced the Euro As widely expected, the ECB cut its benchmark lending rate by 25-basis points to 1.0%. However, the interest rate cut announcement was made by ECB President Trichet's post-decision press conference. This prompted the euro to bounce off its session lows against the dollar and climbed to a one-month high

Currency Trading and The False GDP of the United »

Currency Trading and The False GDP Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad elaborated on the false GDP of the United States in his third installment in a series on the trends that led to the present financial crisis. He specifically pointed out that currency trading is also a culprit in contributing to the false GDP in his posting titled Currency Trading.


CHALLENGES OF THE ISLAMIC UMMAH IN FACING GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS Speach by Tun Dr Mahathir Bin Mohamad at the Institute For Policy And International Studies Tehran, Iran, at 10.00 am, 30 November 2008 The financial crisis is yet another threat facing the Islamic ummah. Whether we can avoid being dragged down by this crisis or we can minimize

Euro,Pound,Dollar & Yen »

Forex News on the Euro, Pound, Dollar & Yen this week There are several high impact Fundamental Forex News coming out this week. On Monday, we have the Euro Zone Current Accounts Report. This report which summarizes the flow of goods, services, income and transfer payments in and out of the Euro-zone nations to other countries. This

Weak Pound - Short GBPUSD »

The Pound is weak coupled with a stronger Dollar GBPUSD is still on a downtrend: SHORT GBPUSD SHORT POSITION at: 1.4740 STOP LOSS at: 1.4790 TAKE PROFIT at: 1.4500 OP, TP & SL at your own RISKS

Yen Raises »

Nov. 14 (Bloomberg) -- The yen rose, heading for weekly gains against the euro and the dollar, as a drop in U.S. retail sales prompted speculation investors will sell higher-yielding assets and pay back low-cost loans in Japan's currency. The dollar was poised for a second weekly gain versus an index of the currencies of six major trading