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I received a very lengthy comment comprising of about 368 words in 3 paragraphs. I am publishing it as a posts instead of approving it as a comment as I would to share this “comment” with other readers. By the way, I consider this “comment” is more of an article rather than a comment. The [...]

Forex Trading Signals

The BOE & FOMC Minutes

The focus will be on the pound and the dollar. Today, we have the release of BOE Minutes at 09.30 GMT and then the FOMC Minutes at 19.00 GMT.
Bloomberg reported that
The Office for National Statistics report showed inflation slowed last month less than forecast, prompting speculation the BOE will reduce [...]

Forex Trading Signal


Long Position at: 1.4750
Stop Loss at: 1.4650
Take Profit at: 1.4800

Short Position at: 1.4780
Stop Loss at: 1.4880
Take Profit at: 1.4720 / 1.4670 / 1.4620


Forex Trading is a very risky trade and if you decide to trade, kindly note that you trade at your own risks. You Open [...]