Forex Trading Signal

February 9, 2009 by: forexwatch


Long Position at: 1.4750
Stop Loss at: 1.4650
Take Profit at: 1.4800

Short Position at: 1.4780
Stop Loss at: 1.4880
Take Profit at: 1.4720 / 1.4670 / 1.4620


Forex Trading is a very risky trade and if you decide to trade, kindly note that you trade at your own risks. You Open Position, Take Profit and put a Stop Loss at Your Own Risks. We hold no responsibility for any losses or damages incurred.

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3 Responses to “Forex Trading Signal”
  1. George Snyder from Affiliate reviews (1 comments.) says:

    it seems that you either have a problem with your permalink structure or your drop down menu is adding an extra /%postname%/ to your link, If you need a hand please let me know.

    Otherwise great content, atb George

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  2. forex broker strategies (1 comments.) says:

    Why Forex…???

    1- Forex is an online home based business that doesn’t need referring, recruiting and advertising. You only deal with the currencies through the Internet. So you as forex broker will not have to reply any email, make any phone call and spend any money on advertising.

    2- If you learn the Forex properly, you can make a lot of money. Forex can be your full time job that makes thousands of dollars for you every month. As a forex broker you’d have to emphasize again that if you start working on Forex before you learn it properly, it can be risky and you will lose your money. It is like the driving. If you drive a car before you know how to drive, you will hurt yourself and others but if you learn it properly first, it will be pleasant and funny.

    3- You can make a lot of money by spending a small amount of money. Unlike other investments like stock market that you have to invest a lot of money to make a reasonable profit, you can make a good income through investing small amount of money. For example, with a $5000 account, you can make about $5000 per month. Of course it highly depends on the way that you trade and the strategy that you follow but good and experienced traders can double their money every month.

    4- Forex - and of course stock market - are the only businesses that competition has positive effect on them. It is amazing, isn’t it? Competition is the biggest problem in all other businesses but in Forex, it helps the traders to make more money. Why? Supply and demand are the factors that determine the price in any market. When there are too many buyer and sellers, the price volatility will be much higher and the market will be more dynamic. The price will go up and down more frequently and this is what we need to make money. When the price goes up we buy and when it goes down we sell and make profit. So if you as forex broker choose Forex as your business, you will not have to be worried about competition.

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  3. says:

    nice site. I try to see a disclaimer in your site. Please add that also.


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