Unemployment a Bad Fundamental News

AP reported that “Obama, a Democrat who is to be sworn in at noon Tuesday as the 44th U.S. president, inherits a $1 trillion-plus deficit and the worst economy since the Great Depression.” But some other sources reported that the accumulated deficit is more than $ 3 trillion.

The Recession
Obama not only inherits a [...]

GBPUSD:Non Farm Payrolls

Interest Rate Cut
BOE cut its Interest Rate by 0.5% yesterday, the fourth Interest Rate cut since the coordinated emergency Interest Rate Cuts in October and sent the GBPUSD to a high of $1.5370.
Non Farm Payrolls
However, the focus will be on the Non Farm Payrolls report that will be released today. An early U.S. payroll report [...]

Interest Rate Cuts

The Interest Rate Cuts will be used as a weapon in combating the recession and inflation. The Fed in US, the BOE and the ECB will reduce their Interest Rates in facing the Global Financial Crisis.
The Fed lowered its target Interest Rate to between zero and 0.25 % last month and pledged to [...]

Non Farm Payrolls

For the week ending 9th. January, the focus will be on three major Forex News namely the FOMC, BOE Interest rate Decision and the much anticipated Non Farm Payrolls.

FOMC  @ 19.00 GMT on Tuesday, 6th. January

BOE Interest rate Decision @12.00 GMT on Thursday, 8th. January

Non Farm Payrolls @13.30 GMT on Friday, 9th. January

So far, there [...]

The Countdown to the Global Financial Crisis

This is a summary of events that lead to the current Global Financial Crisis.

January 2008

Starting from the 2nd. day of the New Year US Stock Markets took a Downturn for about three weeks.

The National Association of Realtors announced that drop in New Housing Sales in 2007 was the largest drop in 25 years.

March [...]