Low Confidence in the US Dollar

The Dollar Drops
Forex Traders and Trading Partners of the USA are losing their confidence in the US Dollar. This was expressed in the Forex Market last week. The bearish trend of the US Dollar was intact. The US Dollar continued to be traded at its lowest with the majors and in some cases it was [...]

Watch Your Forex Broker Closely

Forex Brokers Bankrupt

In the financial sector news of Banks and Mortgage Companies that went bankrupt or seeking bankruptcy protection is common during this recession. At the same time and in the same sector Forex Brokers are also facing financial problem. There are Forex Brokers that have folded and others are fighting for survival.

The latest Forex [...]

Brazil and China not using the US Dollar

A No to US Dollar

With the Global Financial Crisis and the recession both starting from the United States, we are looking at the possibility of the loss of confidence in the Financial System of America and the Dollar in particular. It is clearly seen in the case of the possible realization of trading transactions between [...]

Automated Forex Trading will Increase your Profit

Automated Forex Trading

I wanted to write something else for my blog when I stumbled this article by Richard Mo at Article Base. This article titled “Automated Forex Trading Can Eliminate Losses” has recorded 5 views only but I found it interesting and I feel that I should share it with my readers.

However, I have [...]

The Dollar Decline with the Non Farm Payroll for April

The Non Farm Payroll

The April Non Farm Payroll reported a loss of 539k jobs compared revised 699k job loss in March. Forecasts expected a loss of about 600k to 610k jobs.
The Unemployment Rate

But the Unemployment Rate for April was not at all a surprise. As expected the unemployment in the US is still on the [...]

Euro Bounced with Interest Rate Cut

ECB Interest Rate Bounced the Euro
As widely expected, the ECB cut its benchmark lending rate by 25-basis points to 1.0%. However, the interest rate cut announcement was made by ECB President Trichet’s post-decision press conference. This prompted the euro to bounce off its session lows against the dollar and climbed to a one-month high [...]

ECB Interest Rates

Interest Rates

May 6 (Bloomberg) — The euro weakened against the dollar for a second day on speculation the European Central Bank policy makers will lower interest rates tomorrow and consider other measures to stimulate growth.

The ECB will at least announce something unusual. In terms of policy measures, they’ll be discussing the types of measures that [...]

The Invisible Forex Robot with Visible Product Support

Forex Robot
I have been receiving streaming updates from the vendors of Automated Forex Trading Systems. One of the updates seems to be quite impressive and convincing and this prompted me to share the latest updates by the Forex MegaDroid.
In the latest update the vendor stressed their objectives of launching the Automated Forex Trading System. They [...]

Currency Trading and The False GDP of the United States

Currency Trading and The False GDP

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad elaborated on the false GDP of the United States in his third installment in a series on the trends that led to the present financial crisis. He specifically pointed out that currency trading is also a culprit in contributing to the false GDP in his posting [...]