The Invisible Forex Robot with Visible Product Support

May 4, 2009 by: forexwatch

Forex Robot

I have been receiving streaming updates from the vendors of Automated Forex Trading Systems. One of the updates seems to be quite impressive and convincing and this prompted me to share the latest updates by the Forex MegaDroid.

In the latest update the vendor stressed their objectives of launching the Automated Forex Trading System. They reiterated that the objectives of this Forex Robot were:

1. Create the most profitable Automated Forex Robot
2. Create the most accurate and consistent Automated Forex Robot
3. Make sure people can actually trade with it
4. Provide top-notch client support in the Automated Forex Robot market

Most Profltable Forex Robot Available

  • 2009 Performance: 583.11% (118 days)
  • 2008 Performance: 623.47%
  • 2007 Performance: 810.70%
  • 2006 Performance: 333.05%
  • 2005 Performance: 810.70%
  • 2004 Performance: 677.67%
  • 2003 Performance: 656.52%
  • 2002 Performance: 441.28%
  • 2001 Performance: 597.54%

    • Forex Megadroid is the most profitable Forex Robot available in today’s Automated Forex Trading System marketplace. The record for the last 8 years speak for itself.

      • On March 30th, the Forex Robot’s performance for 2009 (up to the new launch date) was 340.33%.
      • As of this posting, the Forex Robot has produced a net gain (year to date) of 583.11%.
      • That’s a net increase of 242.78% in 1 month.

      Apparently, no Forex Robot even comes close to Forex MegaDroid’s performance and that’s exactly why the product’s enjoying such impressive reviews all over the net.

      Most Accurate and Consistent Forex Robot

      Accuracy and consistency is the name of the game when it comes to Forex trading and we all know it.

      • The Forex MegaDroid hasn’t just nailed 100% profitable trades for the last month.
      • It’s actually achieved over 95% winners every single year for the last 8 years.

      That’s what the vendor of the Forex Robot is talking about in terms of accuracy and consistency. I believe this possible because the vendor have 38 years of Forex Trading experience. Backed with this experience, the programmers could program the robot to trade under the extreme market condition.

      Make Sure People Can Actually Trade with the Forex Robot

      When we began developing Forex MegaDroid, we didn’t just look at performance and accuracy criteria. We look into the interests of our clients, our fellow traders.

      Forex Brokers do not like to lose money and if they spot a really profitable robot being traded by a lot of people then they’ll do what’s within their power to stop it from hurting their bottom line. some unscrupulous Forex brokers will do anything they can so that you do not finish the race and claim a big prize.

      Forex Brokers, amongst other things, will react by:

      • Closing accounts
      • Widening spreads
      • Not allowing accounts to be opened to trade with the Forex Robot

      When designing our robot, we knew all these issues existed and that’s why we’re proud to say that Forex MegaDroid is the only Forex Robot on the market that has an in-built mechanism that makes it virtually invisible to Forex brokers.

      With the help of Hector Lusting, we designed an internal mechanism for Forex MegaDroid that makes it 100% UNDETECTABLE to Forex brokers.

      There is absolutely no trace whatsoever that a trade was places by the robot. So, Forex MegaDroid, Forex Robot users are able to trade with any broker you chose without any hassle.

      Provide Top Notch Client Support for our Forex Robot

      It’s an undisputed fact that over 90% of Forex products come with below average client support.

      They launch, sell and then disappear. No client support, no problem solving, no communication thereafter.

      This doesn’t just make affiliates look bad, it also drives refund rates up but, most important, it leaves clients hanging in the air, unable to take advantage of the product they bought.

      Why’s it a fact? Well, because since launch day, we’ve answered every single email / support ticket from our clients.

      We actually hired and trained 4 people to take care of client support and to provide back-up for the support we provide personally.

      We take client support very seriously and we can assure you that we don’t rest until the client is satisfied with the support they’re given.

      We promise that we’ll continue to do everything we can to make this product the best on the market not just for our clients but also for our valued affiliates.

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    1. I Shed Thirty Póunds in Under a Month says:

      Hi, nice post. I have been thinking about this topic,so thanks for posting. I will definitely be coming back to your posts. Keep up the good posts

    2. forexwatch says:

      Thank You. Join the crowd & start blogging on Forex / Currency Trading.

    3. ndy from aManaged Forex Reviews (1 comments.) says:

      Thanks for letting us know about this robot - I’ll definitely give this a try.

    4. Forex Robots (1 comments.) says:

      Great review
      I have been trading forex for 25 years and this is my advice for all new traders

      Using robots for forex as a living can definitely be achieved but first of all, you have got to have the correct mindset. Forex is not a get rich quick scheme. It is something that you need to spend time to study and practice and eventually form a good trading plan.


    5. John (1 comments.) says:

      Ive done pretty well with robot traders, especially pointbreak.


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